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Grenoside Primary

Food in School

School Meals

There are three options at lunchtime, and parents are free to choose whichever is most convenient for them. Children can:

- stay for a school dinner,

- bring a packed lunch, or

- go home at lunchtime.

Most of our children remain on site during lunchtime. From September 2014 school meals have been provided free of charge to all Infant children.  

Our school meals are provided by ‘Mellors’, and are cooked on site by fully qualified staff. Daily there is also the option of two main meals (one of which is vegetarian) jacket potato (with cheese or beans as a toppiong) or a meat or vegetarian sandwich option (grab bag).  There is a three week rotating menu, a copy of the current menu is available here.  The menus are usually changed two or three times a year.

If children bring a packed lunch from home we ask that they are a healthy balanced meal.  They should contain no sweets, nuts or sugary drinks.  Please note, we do not allow any nut products to be brought into school.

Please click here for a link to our Packed Lunch guidance.

Here is a link to a Eat Smart Sheffield newsletter to help inform your choice.


School Milk

Children may purchase milk at a small termly charge. Children entering school will be supplied with free milk until their 5th birthday, after which a pro-rata charge will be made for the remainder of that term.



Infant children are provided with a piece of fruit, free of charge, during morning break each day.  Children may bring a piece of fruit from home for morning break if they would like.